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Music Production

Record a song with Piano Man Tom

Tom has produced music with many singers in Ireland and around the world.

If you'd like to work with Tom on a song, demo, or album, send an e-mail for more info.

Ideal for anyone working to a budget. Portable recording equipment is an option too, as well as remote recording online using Dropbox, E-mail, etc.

Tom can also create Steinway Grand Piano Solo backing tracks in any key for a song if requested. Perfect for a singer to sing along to in their correct vocal register.

If you are a songwriter looking to record one of your original songs, Tom can create a professional sounding demo with talented singers available to record with.

For anyone who needs any help uploading music to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Tom is available to help with creating the correct WAV audio file formats, artwork, song info, etc. and walk you through the whole process.

Some of the software Tom uses includes Cubase, Garritan Orchestra, Steinway Grand Piano plug-ins, Superior Drummer, and more.

Tom is also well known for his voice-over work and can provide a male speaking voice for any project.

Listen to 'An Old Man's Wish' and 'The Touch Of The Master's Hand' on Spotify to get an idea of how Tom sounds speaking.

E-mail Tom for more info about any of these services.