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How Would I Know?

A beautiful love song composed in 2016.

This has been recorded by Helen Rosney-Lowry for her album 'Different Kinds of Love' which can also be heard on 'Songs of Piano Man Tom, Vol. 3'.

A recording of Tom singing it solo with piano can be heard on 'Songs of Piano Man Tom, Vol. 2'.

A modified Christian version has been composed by Tom as well and this was performed on RTE One TV by Tom and singer Charlotte Mirza for a live TV broadcast.

Tom's Original Compositions: News

When You Make A Wish

Inspired by Disney songs, this is an inspiring, wishful song about making your dreams come true.

A studio version with Tom singing it can be heard on 'Songs of Piano Man Tom, Vol. 1'.

A new studio version performed by Helen Rosney-Lowry will be released soon on a new compilation album of Tom's songs.

This song was shared by 'Make a Wish Ireland' and the video can be watched at the link below.

Tom's Original Compositions: News
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